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5 Reasons to Start a Writing Group

5 Reasons to Start a Writing Group 5 Reasons to Start a Writing Group 5 Reasons to Start a Writing Group By Mark Nichol You know about writing groups folks who meet at regular intervals to share excerpts from works in progress, exchange tips and information, and discuss conventions such as character, plot, narrative, and tone. But you’ve always shrugged the idea off yet it keeps coming back. Maybe you should reconsider. Here’s why: 1. Discipline Starting a writing group helps you develop deadline discipline because you are accountable for being ready for the next meeting. Such a support structure is a great cure for procrastination and practice for turning manuscripts in on time. 2. Motivation Meeting with kindred spirits helps motivate you to keep trying in the face of adversity, whether it’s in the form of a busy schedule or writer’s block. Writing is by necessity a solitary pursuit but only when you’re pecking away at your keyboard. Interacting at intervals with a small community of like-minded people will give you the nudges you need. 3. Support You’ll benefit from the empathy of others who have also received rejection letters or, just like you, have felt that they didn’t have what it takes to succeed. A writing group will encourage you without being ingratiating. 4. Edification You’ll learn from others and feel a boost of confidence when others acknowledge the value of your advice and information. Whether or not you’re comfortable with your grasp of the building blocks of writing character and the other aspects I mentioned above you’ll note alternative approaches, and it’ll make you feel good to offer your own. Besides learning and teaching about the craft of writing, you can exchange ideas about research and taking notes; finding competitions, publications, or an agent; and preparing pitches and proposals. Remember this: Teaching is one of the most effective ways to learn. 5. Feedback Most important, you’ll get objective, instructive feedback not only on your works in progress but also on your pitches. Go ahead and ask your partner or close friends to evaluate your writing, but consider how much more you will get out of honest, informed responses from people without emotional attachments to you. Why Me? Starting your own group, rather than joining a new or existing one, allows you to call the shots at least when it comes to forming the group. Don’t be the mom; just set the parameters: group size and meeting setting, type or length of writing form, method and other ground rules for presenting works in progress, and so on. And you get to select your compatriots for compatibility with you and your goals and guidelines. The Next Chapter So, now that I’ve convinced you about the why, how about the how? Stay tuned. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Writing Basics category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:85 Synonyms for â€Å"Help†34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer10 Writing Exercises to Tighten Your Writing

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Budget-Friendly Beauty Tips For College Students

Budget-Friendly Beauty Tips For College Students Budget-Friendly Beauty Tips For College Students Who says beauty needs to be costly? With a little ingenuity, you can improve your skin tone and add life and shine to your hair without breaking the bank. You just need to have the right materials on hand and use the right techniques. Here are our top tips for staying beautiful that are easy on the budget: DIY face or body scrub with sugar There are many DIY body scrub options. A nice, low-cost one for the face is as follows†¦ stir a tablespoon or two of brown sugar into your everyday facial cleanser; and for the body, make a mixture of 1 part sugar to two parts oil. Wash with soap and water afterwards, and be especially careful after using this on the body as your bathroom floor might become slick from the oil. DIY body scrub with Epsom salt Another great way to remove dead skin cells and smoothen your skin is by using Epsom salt. Combine a cup or two of salt with your usual moisturizer and spread this all over the body. Caring for your feet To make the discoloration fade from your nails, use some lemon juice. Just immerse your feet in a solution of water and lemon juice for several minutes. For dry and rough heels and soles, rub some olive oil on your feet and leave it overnight covered with a pair of socks. Banish foot odor Lightly dust the inside of your shoes with baking soda instead of your usual foot powder to prevent odor. You can also try soaking your feet for several minutes in a solution of water and Epsom salt. Combat pimples Citrus foods like strawberries are good for your body inside and out. Problem skin can be controlled by blending equal parts strawberries and yogurt and rubbing this all over the face. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes then wash your face with soap and water. Remove makeup You don’t need expensive makeup remover to cleanse your skin. Just pour olive oil or even baby oil on a cotton ball and use this to wipe your face clean. Make your hair shiny and soft Get naturally beautiful hair with baking soda and honey. Make a paste with baking soda and water and rub this onto your hair instead of shampoo to rid your hair of dirt and impurities. After washing your hair, use some honey in lieu of conditioner and then rinse well. Moisturize skin Honey contains powerful antioxidants that can restore dry skin. Smear some honey all over your face, leave it for several minutes and then wash it off with soap and water. Alternatively, you can use the pulp of an avocado and ripe banana and use the mixture as a facial mask. Buy quality One of the worst mistakes you can make is buying low-priced, low-quality products. What ends up happening is that they break or become unusable in a short period of time and you end up having to buy a replacement in no time. Take airbrush makeup kits for example. You can get cheap kits for around $98, but paying just $100 extra gets you a kit far more likely to last longer so you end up saving in the medium term. So, by all means watch the budget, but that’s doesn’t mean you need to buy cheap. Whiten teeth The many uses of baking soda are truly astounding, whitening teeth being one of them. You can replace your regular toothbrush with baking soda for cleaner, whiter teeth. If you don’t have baking soda, lemon juice also does a good job of reducing discolorations and there are many other options also. Why pay for expensive teeth whitening when you can do it cheaply from home?! Energize your eyes Potato slices over your eyes can minimize swelling and improve dark under eyes. At a pinch, you can also press the area under your eyes with the back of a cold spoon.

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Analyis of financial objectives. financials projecttions and Essay

Analyis of financial objectives. financials projecttions and investment decisions - Essay Example Being employed in the finance department at Aztec Catering, this report analyses the tasks that Ms. Field, the Chief Financial Officer at Aztec Catering, has given and this report is aimed to review the three current objectives of the company, prepare and analyse the three year financial plan of Aztec Catering as well as evaluate the capital investment decision that the company can take and how this decision can add the value to the company. The report has been divided into three sections and each section aims to accomplish the three tasks that have been provided. The first section of the report critically evaluates the suitability of the current objectives of Aztec Catering. Moreover, this section analyses and compares the objective of the competing firm, Compass with the Aztec’s objectives. The second part of the report analyses and predicts whether the company would face any financing problem in the next three years. Moreover, this section also justifies the solution that t he company can implement in order to help itself from such problems. The third section of the report analyses and evaluates the capital investment decision that the company can take. This section analyses how this investment decision can be helpful in increasing the wealth of the shareholders of the firm and different investment appraisal techniques have been used in order to analyse whether investment should be made or not. Some of the techniques that have been used in order to analyse the investment decisions are: Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Accounting Rate of Return (ARR), and Economic Value Analysis (SVA). Section 1: Critical Analysis of the objectives of Aztec Catering and Compass Group The first section of the report cortically analyses the objectives of Aztec Catering and its competitor Compass Group. It is important to know that Compass Group is an international brand and it is not only operating and serving the clients of United Kingdom but it ha s presence in different parts of the world. Therefore the objectives of Compass Group should be considered as the benchmark and the company should and can use the objectives of Compass Group to achieve more success in United Kingdom and even then expand its offerings to other parts of the world. The current objectives of Aztec Catering that have been decided at the end of 2012 board meeting are as follows: a. To maintain a profit margin of around 24% b. To ensure the current strong financial position is maintained c. To satisfy the shareholders by maintaining a dividend payout ratio of 50% It can be found that all the three objectives of Aztec Catering have been focusing and emphasizing on profitability and financial position of the company. The first objective of the company focuses on maintaining a minimum profit margin (Tucker, and Lean, 2003). Profit margin of the company is the ratio of net profit after to sales. Or it is the ratio that the company earns after deducting all the expenses and paying of interest expense as well as taxes to the revenue (Cravens, and Piercy, 2008).. Therefore, the first objective encourages the management to focus on achieving higher profitability regardless of how it has to be done. In order to meet the first objectiv

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High proven Diet Food Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

High proven Diet Food - Assignment Example There have been differences in consideration of what is high protein diet. Diets that have 30% proteins have been mostly considered as just reasonable amounts of proteins. The ones that have 50% or more are the ones that are actually considered as the ones with high protein diets. The doctors also point out the fact that diets that are high in protein and are moderate in carbs are mostly considered by experts to be able to help people reduce their blood fats. The high protein foods also assist in the maintenance of lean tissue while still burning the body fats for fuel (Bailey, 1991). Study carried out left researchers wondering how the protein works towards reducing appetite. Some think that this may be made possible by the fact that the proteins enable the brain to acquire very minimal levels of hormones that stimulate appetite. This is the main reason brought to the frontline in this discussion. Though the findings still remain inconclusive and the doubt still lingers on the mind of the researchers. The jury is still out on the other findings that arose from the research carried out to determine how the protein intake can work towards the reduction of appetite among the people who maintain protein intake. The study further tends to explain the fact that small amounts of insulin are possibly influenced to facilitate less sugar level fluctuations that in effect lead to fewer instances of cravings. The result may be arrived at by eating fewer carbs, or even when individual proteins facilitate brain chemistry to control hunger hormones (Katan, 1997). Further research done by scientific researchers point out that people should boost levels of protein in diet. New research hints at the possibility that protein has the ability to satisfy hunger, better more as compared to carbohydrates or even fats. During the duration of study, individuals were taken through a sort of diet whereby fat intake was reduced while protein levels increased. The same diet had 50% carbs. It was later discovered that these individuals were more satisfied, had lost weight and were less hungry. On further field, a similar study carried out on the effect of such high levels of proteins mixed with exercise. The people who participated in this study had lost much weight and had raised levels of blood fat (Bailey, 1991). The essential explanation given that makes proteins necessary elements for the body is that protein is good for growth. It is necessary in all stages of life as it constitutes the major elements of the cells such as bone and muscles. Proteins are needed for development, growth as well as the immunity needed to assist in fighting off diseases and for the protection of the body. Patients who want to stay healthy enough to enable them fight diseases as well as to assist in controlling the body size (Katan, 1997). Recommendations from DRI, which deals majorly with dietary information, state that a wide range of protein intake should be implemented. The recomme nded range should be between 10% and 35% of all the calories for the normal adult. This means that that on a diet of 1800 calories, it is safe to consume between 45 and 218 grams daily of protein. Further recommendations state that men should have an average intake of 56 grams in a day while women should strive to have an average intake of 46 grams so as to enjoy the benefits. There is no confirmed danger that can arise

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Ability Tracking Essay -- Teaching Education

Ability Tracking Introduction If there is one general consensus among those who analyze America’s system of education, it is that we are lacking somewhere. Whether it’s in our inner-city schools, or rural districts, there is a distinct literacy dilemma that has yet to be resolved in our schools. Not only are we gravely behind other nations in our literacy rate and mathematics abilities, but there is also an increasing void within our schools. A method of segregation known as â€Å"ability grouping† has been a commonly used practice throughout the 90’s, and has changed the way in which primary and secondary school students are educated. The idea behind ability grouping, or tracking, is that â€Å"many school practitioners assume that grouping by ability promotes student’s achievement because, it is argued, all students learn best when grouped with students of similar capabilities or levels of achievement.†(Perceptions) There are many arguments for either side, thus begging the question â€Å"is ability grouping an efficient way to handle differences in student abilities?†(Education World) Contrary to today’s popular opinion, which naturally runs against the current educational structure of our schools, I believe ability tracking is an effective and worthwhile means of educating our youth, for a variety of reasons. Ability tracking promotes academic achievement, quality instruction, and is a means of student motivation. Unfortunately, those who do not participate willingly in the tracking program can easily become lost or distraught with the system. This having been said, I don’t d eny the fact that many improvements can be made to the existing system as a means of expanding and providing opportunities to all those who desire success. Academic Achievement In an essay, Anne Wheelock, a prominent education critic writes, â€Å"Tracking does not result in the equal and equitable distribution of effective schooling among all students. Instead, tracking allocates the most valuable school experiences -- including challenging and meaningful curriculum, engaging instruction, and high teacher expectations -- to students who already have the greatest academic, economic, and social advantages†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This having been said, I found my high school experiences to be much different than that. I attended a primarily middle-class school in Sacramento, CA, with students f... ...h ability grouping, contrary to the post-modern belief of many proponents of â€Å"de-tracking† our schools. Granted there are many flaws (as there would be in any education system), but once we work through those flaws, such as social and racial prejudice, ability grouping will take our society to new heights. We are on the right track. Bibliography: â€Å"Tracking†,, Copyright 2000, Editorial Projects in Education Chen-Lin C. Kulik and James A. Kulik, "Effects of Ability Grouping on Secondary School Students: A Meta-Analysis of Evaluation Findings," American Educational Research Journal, 19 (1982) Jeannie Oakes, Kevin Welner, and Susan Yonezawa, "Mandating Equity: A Case Study of Court-Ordered Detracking in San Jose Schools." From the California Policy Seminar Brief Series, March 1998, Available online at: Tom Loveless, â€Å"The Tracking and Ability Grouping Debate†, The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. Heidi Schweingruber â€Å"The Perception of Ability Differences in U.S. Education†, States/perception.html

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Stonyfield Case Study

Stonyfield Case Study PowerPoint Script Introduction of Team Diversity Members: AMBA Team Summary of Stonyfield Farm Case Study I. What factors should StonyField Farm review before going international? Reasons to expand in international markets – Increased profits in international markets – Expansion and diversification of customer base – New business opportunities and investments Major Factors to consider before going International Minimizing Production Costs – Researching the labor laws of the specific country – Working with local vendors and suppliers directly Dealing with low trade barriers – Utilizing subsidies from local governments – Resources access to inexpensive resources and raw materials Economies of Scale – Strategies to reducing production costs – Knowing of the geographic location for the international expansion – Understanding the markets- knowing consumers wants and needs – Knowing the forei gn countries economic and political systems Economies of Scope – The variety of products and services the company wants to offers (Daft, 2010) – Determining the geographic regions of expansion Knowing the markets size II. What are the major ways for Stonyfield to take their operations global? Form Strategic Alliances with local partners Indirect Exporter – Creating strategic alliances with other firms to increase market share ( Horngren, Sundem and Stratton, 2002) – Contract with local vendors and suppliers to manage resources Direct Exporting Methods – Establishing a domestic-based export department – Creating overseas sales branches or subsidiaries – Utilizing export sales representative using foreign based distributors and agents Licensing Stonyfield could consider selling its rights to other companies to use as trademarked names in the foreign markets Joint Ventures and Consortia – Establishing a separate entity with two or more active firms in the industry as sponsors – Stonyfield farm will benefit from sharing development and production cost, and penetrate new markets – Combined knowledge of local markets, shared strengths in technology and distribution channels will make them marketable III. Recommendations for StonyField Farm on how they should restructure to take their operations global?Slide 1 – Stonyfield in the Multinational stage and the re-structured company – Start by exporting products via strategic alliances with local partners for a test period. – Evaluate the market demand and profit forecasts; make a decision on further expansion. Expanding to the Multinational stage with Overseas farms & Sales Teams – Stonyfield establishes farms and sales teams in their host countries – This will reduce delivery time and cost. – It will also ensure fresh products and eco-friendly message.Operations & Strategy department in head office oversees a ll location specific teams – Basic farm production would be globally standardized for quality control – Overseas teams would have autonomy over marketing, packaging/labeling, shipping, and special flavors for local tastes. It will make them more adaptable. [pic] Slide 2 – Structure of the local teams, outsourcing local roles and use of technology – Managers have full autonomy in pursuing local opportunities, and maintain good supply chain relationships. HR, marketing and sales and other staff can be hired locally or outsourced to local companies. – Local staff’s knowledge of the host country culture and nuances will be useful in understanding the market. Technology for the new global organizational structure – Software technology will allow flow of information between overseas and field offices. – Allows for flow of ideas, information, and troubleshooting. – Software tracking system will also allow tracking of supplies a nd products. IV. How can Stonyfield Farm mange to maintain their â€Å"eco-friendly† operations internationally?Explore current operating functions and all potential factors – Stonyfield should conduct research on farming and dairy production industries in both UK and France – Should do research about the market, competitors and other eco friendly competitions Environmental impact of Stonyfield products and host country regulations – Become familiar with applicable environmental regulations – They learn about the impact of this environmental standards and regulations – It will be advantageous for Stonyfield to review the international established regulations and revise its operating standards – Recycling and waste management is another important regulation that should be taken seriously. Minimizing eco-friendly production costs in host countries – Production costs will be expensive as transitioning into foreign markets is chall enging – Operations need to be restructured to focus on sustaining manufacturing and design – Stonyfield’s main objective is to consume minimal amounts of resources and energy using recycled materials Clear production and pricing strategy It is necessary for Stonyfield to create a defined production and pricing strategy – They need to continually make production more efficient, work to decrease waste and resource usage Consumer patronage of eco-friendly products and their concerns – Recent studies indicate that 93 percent of consumers say they actively participate in eco-friendly events and 37 percent of those individuals are concerned about the environment (Borin, Cerf, & Krishnan, 2011). – The a growing demand or eco-friendly products (Borin, Cerf, & Krishnan, 2011) Marketing eco-friendly products – More companies are creating their own labels in their effort to differentiate themselves in the market place – Stonyfieldâ€℠¢s marketing plan should focus on packaging and labeling with eco friendly logos, making sure all messages are legible and informative. – They should also refer to packaging regulations and green marketing tools Importance of labeling in eco-friendly products Labeling is important because it informs the customers about the quality of the products and its shows value (Menzel, Smagin, & David, 2010). – When labeling the package, Stonyfield should remember to focus on informing the consumer about the consumer about the product. References AMBA 610 Course Pack: Daft, R L. , (2010). Organization theory and design (10th ed. ), 211-216, Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western. Borin, N. , Cerf, D. C. , & Krishnan, R. (2011). Consumer effects of environmental impact in product labeling. Journal of Consumer Marketing , 28 (1), 78-86. Horngren, C. T, Sundem, G. L. & Stratton, W. O (2002). Introduction to management accounting (12th ed. ), 227-235.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Grimm, M. (2005, November 28). Progressive business, Brandweek, 46 (43), 26. Retrieved December 17, 2010 from http://ezproxy. umuc. edu/login? url=http://search. ebscohost. com/login. aspx? direct=true&db=bth&AN=20445636&login. asp&site=ehost-live&scope=site Gurtoo, A. , & Antony, S. (2007). Environmental regulations Indirect and unintended consequences on economy and business. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Jornal , 18 (6), 626-637. Menzel, V. , Smagin, J. , & David, F. (2010). Can companies profit from greener manufacturing? Measuring Business Excellence , 14 (2), 22-31.

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Great Expectations and The Go Between - 1969 Words

Great Expectations and The Go Between Both Great Expectations and The Go Between concern young men from lowly backgrounds who find themselves thrust into the world of the leisured classes and are changed forever. What similarities and differences do you see between the ways in which the two authors handle and develop this shared situation? The reason why we have chosen to compare and contrast Great Expectations and The Go Between is because they have many obvious and many subtle similarities which I am to discuss during t he course of this Essay. Although the two books were written a century apart†¦show more content†¦The role of these two friends is different in that Herbert grows up with Pip and they are much closer than Leo and Marcus. For example, Enough I saw my own feelings in Herberts face, and, not least among them my, repugnance towards the man who had done so much for me. This demonstrates how Herbert has helped Pip and that he feels very close to him as he sees his own feelings in his face. Throughout the Summer Leo is used as a playmate and someone to entertain Marcus so that he is kept from bothering the adults, so in this way he is used. The relationship between Herbert and Pip is more intimate, as they live together and help each other out. We also learn about them together as young men not just as boys. The similarity between the two friends of Pip and Leo is that they teach both boys a great deal about how the upper class live. In Great Expectations Herbert teaches Pip that you can be a kind gentleman and dont have to be very rich. In contrast to this Marcus teaches Leo to throw his clothes on the floor for the servants to pick up and to be a superficial gentleman. The men that give the boys examples of how to be a gentleman are Drummle and Hugh. In Great Expectations Dickens tries to show that there are two types of gentleman. Joe is the first example as although he isShow MoreRelated Darwinism in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Essay examples1550 Words   |  7 Pages Few people argue that Great Expectations, one of Dickens’s later novels, is a Darwinian work. Goldie Morgentaler, in her essay â€Å"Meditating on the Low: A Darwinian Reading of Great Expectations,† is one of those few. She argues primarily that Darwin’s Origin of the Species was a major topic of discussion in Dickens’s circle at the time he wrote Great Expectations, and that Great Expectations â€Å"marks the first time that Dickens jettisons heredity as a determining factor in the formation of the self†Read MoreEssay about Pips Expectations in Charles Dickens Great Expectations1166 Words   |  5 PagesPips Expectations in Charles Dickens Great Expectations Throughout the novel there are many expectations of Pip. They are appointed to him by many different characters, as well as himself. These expectations were very stressful for Pip and often wore him down to breaking point. Right from the start of the book we are introduced to many characters and we find out shortly why they thrust such Great Expectations on Pip. Eventually we discover more about these and find Read MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations964 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, minor characters help in the development of Pip and his psychological state. The novel journeys with Pip as he grows from a poor, young boy to an adult in the upper class. Difficult situations, suspense, and dynamic characters fill the novel. Julian Moynahan, a professor emeritus of literature at Rutgers University, analyzed Dickens’ novel and produced excellent parallels between a select few of the characters in her work â€Å"Parallels Between Pip, Orlick and DrummleRead MoreMr Pip Llyod Jones912 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant relationship helped you to understand ONE main character. One of the most important relationships in a young girl’s life is the relationship with their mother. In the novel, Mr Pip, written by Lloyd Jones, we are shown the relationship between Matilda and her mother Dolores. Through this relationship, we as a reader are able to understand the character Dolores more thoroughly. By exploring the character Dolores and her relationship with Matilda, we as a reader will be able to understandRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations1451 Words   |  6 Pages Report on the Major Points and Themes of Charles Dickens Great Expectations Kimberly ButtiÄ ¡ieÄ ¡ ENG3U1 May 2rd â€Æ' The major genre of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is gothic fiction. An event in the novel that relates to this genre is Pip’s narration when he is horrified to learn that Magwitch is his benefactor, who he formerly thought to be Miss Havisham. He says, â€Å"The imaginary student pursued by the misshapen creature he had impiously made, was not moreRead MoreGlobal Climate Change985 Words   |  4 Pages(UNESA, 2012) and that will place a pressure on limited resources. Because of the growing economic growth rate, there will be increasing demand from the rising middle class people of developing countries. Global water demand is estimated to go up by 55 percent between 2000 and 2050. The energy consumption is also projected to grow at a lightning speed by Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics and Sciences (Syed et al., 2010) 2. Going, going... gone? This mega trend talks about ecologicalRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations1320 Words   |  6 Pagesincome they received. This essay will include the work of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, and the novel tells the story of Pip, a young orphan boy who lives with his sister and her husband who is a blacksmith, one day he is requested to play at Miss Havisham’s Manor and he falls in love with her daughter, Estella, who gives him the aspiration to become a gentleman to win her love. He then receives his great expectations from his mystery benefactor that he later finds out is a criminal and refusesRead MoreGreat Expectations By Charles Dickens1163 Words   |  5 Pagesaffected by the looming authority of â€Å"my elders†. Will my grandma think these shorts are too short? In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, all the characters are influenced by the surrounding people. Their decisions and actions can be traced back to interactions between others. Like the characters, my choices can be followed back to who I am trying to please. Pip and I are both given paths to go on, and the people we meet along the way will help decide where the road leads us. As we continue onRead MoreWhat Do You Do? Plato s Advice1525 Words   |  7 PagesImagine you are forced to make a decision between the love of your life or your family’s expectations that have shaped you as you grew. What do you do? Plato’s advice is too simply: â€Å"Know oneself† However, how can one possibly know oneself, if so much of that one is defined from their family? My great great grandmother Elizabeth Cecelia Hughley Gallagher was forced to make the exact decision, and she faced the decision with courage and self-resilience in herself. Although ancestry has a long historyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The Great Gatsby 1319 Words   |  6 Pagesof the year to be released. The release day of â€Å"The Great Gatsby† seemed millenniums away, but finally the day so many awaited arrived. Now, the real question is, was the movie worth the wait? Some might agree, myself included, that the movie was disappointment and was below what many expected. T he expectation that the book itself would be brought to life was not met. I expected to be transported into this 1920 setting, living the life of the Great Gatsby himself, but instead, as Richard Brody says